What is QR?

What is Quantitative Reasoning?

Quantitative reasoning is the application of mathematical concepts and skills to solve real-world problems. The goal of Hollins’ quantitative reasoning program focuses on students being able to use and read quantitative data, understand quantitative evidence, and apply basic quantitative skills in order to be effective members of society.

Quantitative Reasoning Skills flow throughout the Hollins curriculum. After satisfying their basic skills requirement (see requirement information below) students are encouraged to meet their Applied Quantitative Reasoning Skill by taking a class within their major or minor discipline which fulfills the requirement. In this way, students are given the opportunity to learn the broad significance and applicability of quantitative reasoning in the particular subjects that are meaningful, important and interesting to them.

Requirements at Hollins

Students must take between one and six credits of quantitative reasoning. There are two Gen Ed requirements that students must meet:

  • Basic Quantitative Reasoning:

    Students may satisfy the basic QR requirement by achieving a satisfactory score on the QR Assessment that is administered during new student orientation, or by enrolling in and successfully completing Math 100, Math 105, or Math 130. Which course is appropriate for a particular student is determined by a student’s score in the QR assessment. Courses are not interchangeable. This requirement must be completed by the end of sophomore year. Gen Ed code is q.

  • Applied Quantitative Reasoning:

    Students must take one course in applied quantitative reasoning from designated courses across the curriculum. The prerequisite for a Q course is successful completion of q (i.e. satisfactory performance on the QR assessment or completion of Math 100, Math 105 or Math 130). Gen Ed code is Q. For a list of Q classes, click the “Big Q Classes” link to the left.

For more Information:

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