QR Tutors

 Tegan Harcourt

Hi all, I’m Tegan Harcourt and I’m a senior International Business major and Spanish Minor. When I’m not a QR tutor, I’m a tour guide in admissions, Batten Leadership student, and SGA President. I love ​being a tutor and helping any way I can. While I started as a chemistry major, my skills and interests go more towards basic math and stat classes as well as business and econ. I completely understand the mystifying nature of quantitative reasoning and I’m just here to help you sort it out a bit. You’re all champs; we can get through this together!  

Q Focus:  Math 100, Math 105, Math 130, Stat 140, basics GRE/GMAT
Other: Business, Econ, General Chemistry

img6 Amber Markovitz

I’m Amber, a senior from Connecticut. I am majoring in Business with a Financial track, with a minor in economics and mathematics.  Along with being a QR tutor I am part of the golf team and the Senior Class Treasurer.  My favorite color is purple and I love chocolate! I look forward to helping you in the QR center!

Q Focus:  Math 100, Math 105, Math 130, Math 140
Other: Micro & Macro Economics, Accounting I & II

img10 Htet San

Hi everyone! My name is Htet Myat San, I am an international student from Myanmar (Burma).  I am a senior majoring in Business (Finance Concentration) and minoring in Economics. I can help you with Math 100, Math 105, Math 130, Econ 157, Econ 158 and several other business finance classes such as BUS 226, BUS 266, BUS 349, etc.  Please come visit us tutors in the CLE center in the library with any QR related questions, and we are more than excited to assist you!

Q Focus:  Math 100, Math 105, Math 130, Stat 140
Other: Business & Economics

imgb Stephanie Wollmann

Hi! I’m Stephanie Wollmann, a junior theatre major from Blacksburg, Virginia with an affinity for Mathematics.  From a family of Ph.D. wielding engineers, I am always ready to face a mathematical challenge, finishing high school with two years’ worth of AP Calculus under my belt.  I look forward to helping you.

[Note:  Stephanie is studying abroad during Spring Term 2017]

Q Focus:  Math 100, Math 105, Math 130, Math 140, Math 241
Other: Economics, basic Chemistry, basic Statistics

Diep Cao

Q Focus:  Math 100, Math 105, Math 130, Math 140
Other: Chemistry

 Shannon Ciccarello

Hi! I’m Shannon. I’m double majoring in Mathematics & Statistics and Classical Philology. At Hollins, I serve as captain of the golf team, an SSL, and have previously been a part of J-board, rules committee, and MBS. Fun fact: When Hollins used to have two classics majors as QR tutors, we called it the SPQR center.

Q Focus:  Math 100, Math 105, Math 130, Statistics, Calculus
Other: Physics

rory_keeley Rory Keeley

I’m Rory, a senior from Charlotte, NC.  I am studying Math and Art History, as a well as leadership.  Outside of being a tutor, I am a member of the Hollins Honors Program and studied abroad in London.  I have also been a Student Success Leader, a Judical Board Member, and a participant in Hollins debate.  Fun fact: I can make a clover with my tongue!

Q Focus:  Statistics, Math 100, Math 105, Math 130
Other: Stat 140, Stat 251

Stacey Carpenter

I’m Stacey.  I’m a Biology major in the class of 2018 also pursuing a minor in math.  I’m from Virginia Beach, VA.  I love to ride horses and travel.

Q Focus:  Math 100, Math 105, Math 130, Stat 140, Stat 251
Other: Biology, general Chemistry, basics Physics

Rose Franzen

Hi everyone, I’m Rose and I’m a sophomore psychology major. In addition to being a QR tutor, I’m involved on campus as an SSL, research assistant for the Child Development Lab, and occasional performer with Hollins Theatre. I love working as a tutor, and I look forward to meeting you!

Bibhu Sapkota

Hi everyone! I am Bibhu Sapkota. I am an international student from Nepal. I am a sophomore and I am majoring in mathematics and economics. On-campus, I am a ISOP mentor and an executive member of SHARE. If you have any questions, please feel free to come to the QR center. We look forward to helping you!

Q focus: General Mathematics and Calculus I and II
Other: Microeconomics, Accounting I and II